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Sunday, March 31, 2013


We were pretty productive this afternoon! We finally got around to framing prints, hanging shelves, and cleaning areas that we had been putting off for so long. Then, we got to sit back and enjoy it all while snuggling on the couch. No better way to close a weekend and an Easter sunday. I'm so thankful that we had such a beautiful, love-filled Easter morning at church, and I'm thankful that I have someone to enjoy Easter afternoon/evening with. Thank you, God, for bearing such a heavy burden so that I can live so peacefully and joyfully.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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I didn't try to set this up! I had tossed my tapestry on top of her and rather than getting frustrated, she just laid down with it wrapped around her. So cute.

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Curried Away

Poor Indian food just does not photograph well. It never looks as delicious as it tastes - and believe me, it was delicious.

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A Love Letter from God:

Friday, March 1, 2013

"If you could soldier on, headstrong into the storm, I'll be there waiting on the other side for you. Don't look back - the road is long. The first days of the war are gone. Take back your former throne and turn the tide. 'Cause if you never leave home and never let go, you'll never make it to the great unknown. Keep your eyes open, my love. Tell me you're strong. Tell me you see. I need to hear it - can you promise me to keep your eyes open? Just past the circumstance - the first light, a second chance. No child could ever dance the way you do. Tear down the prison walls. Don't stop though the burden calls. Your chains will never fall until you do. Don't let the fear become the hate. Don't take the sadness to the grave. I know the fight is on the way, but the sides have been chosen. So, show me your fire. Show me your heart. You know I'll never let you fall apart, if you you keep your eyes open."

Lyrics by NeedtoBreathe

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