Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm listening to: Devendra Banhart's new album. It's awesome if-my-life-had-a-score music.
I'm admiring: photography/lifestyle blogs, Marjane Satrapi's work (I'm reading "Embroideries" now, since I devoured "Persepolis"), and the gloriously lush green tree outside of my classroom window.
I'm craving: a big-city vacation. I follow so many New Yorkers' blogs, and I am consistently reminded how much I want to return.
I'm praying for: Josh to get the professor job for which he recently interviewed! Also, for myself to get over this sickness so that I can get back to my running schedule.
I need: a Friday night - thank goodness it's here!
I'm buying: nothing, because the most recent Real Simple magazine had a finance article that reminded me that I need to get better at budgeting.

Any fun plans for the weekend? We're going to Jackson Streets Alive tomorrow, and hopefully, I'll be running a 5k if my mucus-filled lungs can bear it.

Happiest of happy Fridays!

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