Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why is the "revolutionary woman" always portrayed like this:

Why can't they be portrayed like this?

After a meeting I had today, I realized how remarkably ecstatic I am about some of the things that I have started/accomplished. Then, a moment later, I realized how many times I felt embarrassed to "talk business" around other people or to answer questions about the organizations or events I initiated because I didn't want to look like the "woman who was trying too hard," or I didn't want to seem too dominating or something weird like that.

I realized that I have a complex about being a female leader!

Then, I remembered a super cheesy but also super awesome pop song by The Veronicas, "I'm a Revolution." I realize that I should be excited to shout above all the noise of people who doubt women's potential that I am a revolution. I want to show young girls that YES you CAN BE a revolution. You CAN start revolutionary things.

Mothers, Fathers, tell your daughters every morning that you can't wait to see all of the mountains they will move. You cannot wait to see all of the creative, benevolent things they will do.

Teachers, call on the girls in class when they raise their hands. Give them opportunities to problem solve. Tell them that you believe they can do remarkable things. Tell them they are strong and that they can do revolutionary things.

I could talk about this for days, y'all.

And here's a girl who articulates an aspect of gender inequality in a way that this post does not.

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